Illusions of illusions.


Albert Einstein understood that reality was relative. He saw that there could be no point, place in the universe that could serve as a fixed, reliable reference to observe the universe. Everything is in motion.  Therefore, all observations of reality are relative to the observer.


An observer is at a place, at a time.  What he perceives, no other observer can perceive it exactly like him.


The perception of an image is also relative.  How much information must an image give out so that an observer thinks it is complete and senses the emotion?


The artist wants to explore these questions. He deconstructs an image and reconstructs it with a minimum of information and light.  He asks the observer to find a place to observe the image that will provide him with a complete and emotional image.


This artist asks the last question:  how much additional information does the observer’s brain add to his observation to make the image and emotion complete?


These paintings want to talk emotions.

These poems want to look like emotions.


The painting and it’s poem, a good friendship.

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