General approach;


My art was alive a long time ago, and I had lots to say. However, the tsunami of the family and career pushed it in a dark corner. Today, without any regrets and much appreciation, I welcome this prodigal son returning from far away.


Art is reborn in my blood and flows from my fingers.


Stemming from a long life of injuries, immense happiness, deceptions and successes, I can and I dare to say my true me, my true feelings, through my art.


Visual art, painting, images are my preferred expression mediums. It is important that the objet remains, after my gesture of creation.  Just like a published book, this object no longer belongs to me after it is revealed.   I throw my “object”, full of my soul, to the unique and independent observations of the visitors.  My success will be to stir a smile, at least.


My creative approach relies on three main streams:


Recognition and use of technology

Search for images with emotional weight

Production techniques respectful of our resources


My creative gestures also follow three streams;


Totally manual execution


Reasonable dimensions.


Finally, the most important of all my criteria; my paintings move me, I like them and I love to create them.


To feed and support my discipline, I work with series.  There are no given numbers for each, it’s all about themes.


What you see is but a beginning.







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